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Say It to My Face

Steven Weissman


What was the point of writing this? Best case scenario: he reads it and feels bad? Seems like a total waste of time to me.
^hot take bro.
To the OP, he did say it to your face,TWICE. And you and your friend did nothing about it, TWICE.
Announcer: [theme music with voice over introduction] You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Judith Sheindlin. The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final. This is Judge Judy. #noneoftheselivesmatter
Smaller guy approaches larger gal, does everything he can to provoke her to hit him, then escapes (to save his masculinity) before she actually does. Hmm, I see a fantasy being played out here...
From what I read, it is ok to stalk a woman and then slap her because the victim will not call the police. Got it.
What's with the extra nipples in Weissman's illustration?
Wait, didn't he say it to your face twice? How did he sat it and then slap you without saying it to your face?

Also, confused by all the random nipples on the drawing.
Edit: #9 Should read "say it" rather than "sat it" in the second sentence.
Im sorry that his forward advances and your just rejection of them, resulted in physical violence outside, where you should have felt safe.
Calling the police would have been more appropriate, as who knows what kind of shit he would do next, to someone less capable as yourself.
Did you report it to police?
Seems like serious enough to call them.
@13, yes because if one child has a rock on the playground the smart thing to do is give every child a rock to make the playground safer. It's also why America is the safest advanced country in the world. Though I do agree that this would be way more interesting if the title was "Hey sorry I put a bullet in your head. :("
Dang - I meant @14 not @13, always something.
Dang - I was right the first time. :)
Bar drama. God, how I don't miss that.
Bigotry, misogyny, a "safe space" issue, passive-aggressive behavior (and tone in the letter), stalking, violence, the real possibility that it's all made up, this one has it all.

I think those are supposed to be buttons in the illustration. Weird way to represent them, but that's my best guess.
Ah, the follies of youth.

She should force-feminize this guy and self-publish a book about it.

Victim blaming?

What the shit is wrong with you people?
@11 is particularly stupid.
@1 is also jerky.
maybe the superfluous nipples mean they're both titty-babies?
Yeah, LW. If he was smaller than you and close enough to slap you, it was to your face.
this is WAY TOO WEIRD, MAN! Many of these comments sound like a Fox News blog!!! Why are fuzzy knuckledraggers reading the Stranger?
is the Stranger available in Gold Bar??? they would do better leaving comments on the Guns, Hunting and White Manpower blogs.
Through these comments, we can learn about the mentality of the people who need to "actually" the author. ("Actually-ing" is the act of responding to someone with knee-jerk contrariness.)
Good job men, you make Seattle look like the land of cavemen dude-bros.
"I Anonymous" would not exist if not for passive/aggression.
I'm with you #21. The guy was a dick and really deserved a kick in the nuts. He got off easy. I am also confused about the nipple thing.
The Stranger comments have been all but overtaken by right wing trolls and Gamergate/"meninist" types. This is a great illustration of that kind of mentality. A women was assaulted and threatened for fuck's sake and we have people agreeing that she's a "cunt."
a *woman.
Anybody else here think #11 IS the "cool guy".
What a self-entitled jerkface. Too bad you didn't call the police. Before then, depending on the class of venue, sometimes you can call the bouncer or manager to boot the offender out if he won't leave you alone.
@32 That would be a no from me and Kenny.

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