Scene of the fall: Note the puddle up ahead and the wooden slats on the right. The Stranger


Pretentious children at play.
In the future, please offer to help people who have fallen down rather making a mental note to publically humiliate them later.
More stalkerish commentary. Please stop.
Oh. God. That giant fucking puddle on 10th Ave E. It swells into a foot deep festering lake every winter. It has for decade. Not to mention the overgrown shrubs that choke out the sidewalk there. It makes passage on 10th Ave E nearly impossible - particularly when there was construction on the other side of the street.

Dear the irresponsible dick-wad home owners that live there with your giant untrimmed hedges and broken sidewalk: Put in a god damned drain, you assholes!
Love that last one. I like this column. Not for everyone, I suppose.
@innocent bystander, how bout you just stop reading and leave it for those who enjoy it?
you showed up to Victrola espresso on 15th with a notepad and sat down, appearing to point your phone at me. You looked at me and laughed but when I stared into your eyes, that smile evaporated. a few minutes later, you began snapping pictures of me, then laughed with the barista. What I dont get is how the hell did you hear my entire phone conversation?

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