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Come Clean, Hit-And-Runner

Steven Weissman


Karma drives a bus...
So the offer is: (a) relief from a gnawing feeling of guilt, in exchange for (b) public vilification, impoverishment by fines and lawsuit, loss of drivers' license, and quite possibly prison! Hard to see how the driver could pass that up. I'm sorry for the LW, but I think he may have unrealistic expectations about the power of I, Anonymous.
@2, yeah. He/she is DEFINATELY not going to come forward. But they're glad to know you survived.
You're assuming that someone who hit and run another person cares or even knows that something occurred.
I'm sorry this happened to you. When it happened to me, the bystanders stopped the guy from leaving, but the police merely cited him and let him go because he actually didn't 'run'. My suggestion is hire a private detective to interview witnesses and find this guy, because the police are probably not even trying. He may not have insurance, but sounds like you have a long recovery ahead. On the off chance that he does have it, you will at least be able to recover some of your losses.
@4 - If you hit someone hard enough to break bones, you'll know about it. Unless you're spectacularly drunk or high.

@5 - when it happened to me about 8 bystanders called 911 but nobody managed to stop the car or get its license plate #, and nobody tried to assist me out of the busy intersection I was laying in until I started trying to stand up. You're right, the cops aren't going to do shit about finding the guy, so if witnesses come forward I hope they can be of some help. I wouldn't hold your breath, though, Anon. Get well soon.
Why call?
He, She They, got away with it.
Suck it up and get over it. Move on with your life like the driver did.
And whatever you're going through, it's called being a Statistic.
Anon, I'm sorry that happened to you, that sucks!!! I hope they DO read this and come forward. I hate to agree that they probably won't though.

Sometimes when we need closure (and money or apologies from those who royally fucked us over!!), we just don't get it. Give yourself that closure as best as you can, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
@7 What the hell happened to turn you into such a miserable little shit?
@9, The OP does need to get on with their life. If he, or she doesn't. Then they'll be stuck in whatever little box they've put themselves in emotionally.

This person does need to move on with their life. Unless you think that they should stay in a permanent state of "victim". If you do, then you're a miserable little shit.
@10 I'm sure in due time they'll move on. I'm also sure that you're not the one to tell them when 'due time' has passed. And telling someone who is legit working to get over something that they should move on with their life before due time has passed kinda makes you a misery-inducing little shit.
"I'm still hospitalized."

@12: comment win. You too, @11.
@10 I see, so the options are to be "stuck in a permanent state of 'victim' or to "suck it up, get over it" right this instant. ok ... so my question still stands. What happened to you?
I admire the hope you have, anonymous, that the person who put a painful hold on your life,will come forward.
I am afraid this will not occur. There are people whose moral compass is limited, and this was shown by him/her leaving the scene of your sneak peak at jesus.
I wish you well, that you dont lose your home, your job, your pet(s), although this is a strong possibility.
Even this will not have a person come forward. Hopefully, this person will talk, and it will get around.

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