Object Lesson: The Pot Cookie


I do not live in a country where weed is legal, but I would definitely love to know if there are some marijuana products out there made to fight period pain. I hate the smoky part too but it's the only thing that works for me when I have cramps! I would really love to try one of those cookies...
@1: It is possible, if Hemp and/or its biproducts aren't illegal where you live, to use/eat products made with CBD oil for menstrual pain. If CBD is legal but cannabis isn't, make sure you buy products that have 0% THC. However, I will defer to others here for further recommendations.
@ 1
“The man who wrote the book,” Mr. Schmader himself, had some women test a product just like the one you’re looking for a year ago.
I have tried two of those anally, as I have “outies.” My experience was similar to the one reported by those with “innies,” not much of a difference and a yellow-orange discharge.
There may be other products available nowadays.
Trying to boost the signal... I have been an almost daily pot smoker for over twenty years, and I would experience periods of chronic cough- that distinctive hack that mostly accompanied periods of concurrent tobacco use, but also resulted from heavy cannabis use alone...I have never had pollen allergies, but they recommend local honey for outdoor allergies, as the pollen elicits a homeopathic immune response, and mitigates pollen sensitivity over time (or because honey spurs saliva production, thinning mucous, and is a cough suppressant on it's own). A few months ago I added some cannabis pollen to honey and ate a tablespoon a day for a month, and the cough was gone almost instantly (like Gone, within days). I'm not sure the honey alone could have acted so quickly and completely... lord knows no one but breeders wants pollen around, and hermaphrodite pollen is rare...but I swear (by my stoner confirmation bias) it works like magic!!