Sexy Midterm Election Anxiety

Sexy Bird E-Scooter

Sexy Angry Miniature Horse

Sexy Climate Change

Sexy Ex's Costume from Last Year (come get your stuff, Seth!)

Sexy Saudi Bone Saw

Sexy Self-Checkout Machine at QFC

Sexy Couch (achieved by taping couch cushions to your front and back)

Sexy Staph Infection

Sexy Commuter Who Gets Held Up by a Slow-Moving Train in Sodo Every Goddamn Time

Sexy Jenny Durkan's Dog

Sexy Steve Bannon (see also: Sexy Rotten Pineapple)

Sexy Hacker Stealing Your Facebook Data

Sexy Fashioning a Toga Out of Half-Empty Tortilla Chip Bags

Sexy Paul Allen's Corpse

Sexy Guy from College "Just Checking In" to Make Sure He Didn't Sexually Assault You That One Time

Sexy iMessage Text Bubble with Three Dots to Show That Someone Is Typing

Sexy Amazon Warehouse Working Conditions