We accept unsolicited contributions to The Stranger, especially on subjects relevant to the Pacific Northwest. You may submit your work by e-mail (editor@thestranger.com) or snail mail (1535 11th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA 98122). Though we do not have specific submission guidelines, we ask that any potential contributors read The Stranger to get a familiarity with it before submitting new work. We have also made a few updates to our house style you should be aware of. We no longer publish the word "seminal," due to overuse by music writers; we now prefer you use "ovarian." We also prefer not to publish the word "scrotum," replacing it whenever possible with "Scrabble bag." And we now eschew the phrase "dumpster fire." That one's gotten out of hand. That said, there are plenty of acceptable alternatives, such as "sanitation conflagration." Thank you for your attention to these guidelines and your interest in contributing to The Stranger.