Editor's Note

Hey, mayor! Give us some of that budget money.



Shorter editor’s note: We’re too lazy to take our jobs seriously.


So The Stranger is just giving up, then? Cool.


The mayor that gives the police, amazon and the chamber of commerce everything they want. The expensive public relations that her campaign paid for got her voted in. The voters got fooled.

The city with amazon headquarters got people displaced (those not wealthy) and increased homelessness. The Stranger should not rest on its laurels.


Jfc, this is sad. The loss of your best political writers, and their replacement with a creepy clickbait troll artist who'd rather write dreary thumbsuckers about Jordan Peterson or the horrors of transgenderism, is a tragedy, not a joke.


what happened to that guy who rode the bicycle, where did he go


@4: “The loss of your best political writers, and their replacement with a creepy clickbait troll artist...”

One of those things costs a lot more than the other.

Besides, you’re old enough to remember when an edition of The Stranger consisted entirely of a music review by a roommate of one of the guys in the band, the “I Saw You” personal ads, and Savage Love. That this place ever did have good political coverage was the exception, not the rule.

Plus, as Ivy chimes in to remind us, embittered sore-loserism always sounds bad, no matter how it’s written. Both she and The Stranger have been inconsolable after the candidate they had endorsed lost to the candidate Murray had endorsed. (Durkan’s savvy reversal of the EHT, explicitly done by marginalizing The Stranger’s favorite Council Member, didn’t salve that wound one bit.) Getting repeatedly reminded that one’s smug self-professed superiority counts for absolutely nothing with one’s fellow citizens really grates on those who enjoy feeling smugly superior.

@5: Good point. Yeah, The Stranger has yet to get over his multiple losses, too.