I think it's important that we separate the truth from what others think is the truth, and focus on fact and not on fiction. We need to hold everybody accountable, because this is an issue that touches each and every one of us. We cannot go backward, and we cannot tolerate a perspective that goes backward. We need to put in place and require a system that focuses on greater clarity and precision, and that is why I believe and why I have said that it is important to use a so-called Oxford comma or serial comma. That being said, we need to acknowledge and recognize that we are looking at a system where not everyone uses or utilizes Oxford commas or serial commas. Various publications that constitute and make up our free press do not use commas in the same way for the same reasons. So this is something that I believe we need to look at and have a conversation about. There is vital and important work to be done. Even though we do not know yet how to resolve this or fix it, we will be vigilant and we will fight each and every day. Clarity on this question is something that the American people and every citizen of this country is entitled to receive and to have. So when you ask: Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Kamala? I do, I do.