Control Tower

How to Tell if You Rule as a Top


I guess that means you are at the top level -- because I want to do everything we have done again, with you!
Fantastic post! I'm a newbie Dominant myself, and am always worried about doing things right.

I've given a few random spankings, but the 2 real, planned and negotiated scenes I've done resulted in "We should do this again".

Though I do need to work on building up my intensity, not going from gentle to HARD with no in-between...
Thanks, MM. I'm working on getting more toppish in one of my relationships. She's very encouraging, and we communicate well together. It really is performance anxiety, too. Sometimes I feel kinda dumb, or like what I'm saying is too cliche, or I'm playing a role that isn't really me. But she seems to be enjoying herself, and that's what counts.
well, MM isn't blogging much these days (maybe she's considering her exit strategy from being a pro-domme? I'm sure she has done that, though many apparently NEVER do...). Anyway, that was good advice, very much to the point.
At the top level, there are other gradations. Sometimes I want to do that activity again with that dom, because I think there was potential there, and I could see what the dom was trying to do, even if we didn't actually get there.

But sometimes I want to do that activity again, with that dom, because the scene took my breath away in its life-changing awesomeness. That kind is better :-)
so you're NOT considering your exit strategy? I would think it's never too early in a youth dominated market (where 45 is about the upper limit, at least to be really successful, as in make a good living).