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The Intensity of Kinky Critique


I am curious if you are referencing a particular incident here. I know there's been some kerfluffle recently (as in the past few months) on the blogs I read about unacceptable boundary pushing, all the way up to sexual assault and rape, and the ways in which the community as a whole will refuse to deal with it. Not being part of it myself, I can't comment on that.

In any case, good on you for pointing out the ridiculousness and self-indulgence of taking one's kinks too seriously. I'm sure you will have outraged comments shortly.
I love the phrase "taking the piss". I just used it yesterday.

But, really...hasn't this been the case for almost a decade? Is it more the younger generation still? Back in the late '90s/early '00s, I used to read warnings and admonishments all the time from the youngin's and progressives. Did that stop and start again?
Somebody about slam you for your oversimplification of BDSM history and sociology in 3...2...1...
@sahara29: I'd love to know which blogs you read that have had discussions of unacceptable boundary pushing. I moved from Seattle to a microscopic community where half the kinky folks are "solo" and don't have each other's backs at all. If you could point me toward some supportive online discussion I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!
I have not seen the Control Tower for a while, what's up??
@ 5 Yeah, I was wondering too. I hope they haven't cancelled the column...did they say anything in the print edition? I only read The Stranger online.
Same here. I've been looking for the newest Control Tower for a while. Hope it hasn't gone away.
Apparently, "Control Tower" is suspended and it is unclear whether and when it will come back.

MM on Twitter: "The Stranger has me on hiatus right now. Hope to be back soon, don't know when. Voice your opinion:"

Whoever wants her to come back should do that.