Dear Science

What Is Crazy?


When you bold the words "automatically dangerously violent" and not "does not" what is the percieved central message. I think the overall tone is good, but the word processing leaves something to be desired.

"A strong social safety net and appropriate, stable, and controlled housing can help those with mental illnesses live their lives peacefully. Of course, all of the above were dismantled by a process starting during the Reagan administration as a means of saving money. We're still paying a steep price for these savings."

No, my fine friend on the port tack, the ACLU went first, winning the 'right" for crazies to sign themselves out of custody, providing they promised to keep up their meds. Of course, the state-gov stalwarts, in Dem states, as well of those on the starboard tack, no longer able to enforce their will upon the crazies, took advantage of their release, by closing all of those beautiful old asylums in every county in the country. The insane have rights

All of this will of course, be soon rectified by the accession to the throne in the minds of the left-oriented of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. A saint, the man gave up British Citizenship to lead us out of the Bush Dark Ages. But first, his Education "Czar," must teach fisting techniques to 5th graders.

Of course, after that speech in Norway, this POTUS geek is also liable to re-open the loonie-bins. Ya just never know.


For more evidence of the damage caused by Reagan, see post 2, above.
Post 2 is also a good example of a mind responding to self-generated information and a failure to integrate actual information into a cohesive assessment of what's going on, as mentioned in the article above. Also, it's always struck me as odd how many unstable Fox-News enthusiasts read articles on The Stranger website and then comment on them. Not that their opinions aren't welcome, but it seems like an inordinate amount. Anyone know why that is?
two questions.

first, does 'flat faces' have a precise definition that i'm not aware of?

second, you seem to suggest that the mind's response to self-generated information and misinterpretations of sensory data cause a "diminished ability to respond to the outside world." can you elaborate on this relationship? you seem to suggest that it is a causal relationship, but i don't understand why a few hallucinations would necessarily result in an inability to generate coherent thoughts.