Drunk of the Week

Three Drinks That, Believe You Me, You'll Fucking Regret


Yuck. To all those new years daredevils who will try one these, I salute you. Keep On Drinkin' Kelly O O O!!
I'm with freesandbags--YUCK!
But more power to ya!
Admit it, Kelly O-you just came up with this story idea so you could post something with the sentence "It really only takes one abortion to ruin your whole night", didn't you?

Sorry, Michael at Al's Tavern, but J├Ąger and tequila was first mixed into a shot in Baltimore in 1993. The name of that shot: the Fleeing Nazi.
As long as the Black and Tan isn't being served in an Irish bar...

When I was in college the bar you started your bar crawl at on your 21st gave you an abortion as your free drink. It came with a little hanger and everything.
That was your hurl.
Worst shot I've ever taste was called an Apocolypse now, and was made from Sambuca, Jaeger, and creme de menthe, and was responsible for the last time I ever threw up while drinking.
While bartending during a catered event in San Francisco years ago, a patron requested a Jack Daniels and red wine. I poured both and he said, "No, together!" so I poured the Jack into the wine! He must have had at least ten of these during the evening. Still remember it as the most disgusting thing I ever served!
Jake, Former Bartender
scotch and milk use to be a fairly common drink. liquor doesn't curdle milk. white russian? bailey's? etc.
jack and red wine gets my vote.
Don't drink pink champagne and suddenly switch to Tequila!