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Is Rolling Rock the New Pabst?


Rolling Rock is the same rolling, rock.
There is no Rolling Rock, the final batch of Rolling Rock was shipped from Latrobe on July 31, 2006.

What you are drinking is Budweiser, with a different label
Crap beer. Best when cold and its your first, but all down hill from there.

RR 18 packs were on sale recently, first three cold were great, by the fourth warm one it tasted like sweet human pee. Never had this happen with PBR.

Hey how come Olys wasn't up there?
I prefer sex in a canoe:

Fucking close to water.
What Would Jesus Drink?
rolling rock killed themselves when they were branding themselves as a "premium lager" in some towns during the early/mid 00's. fuck rolling rock.

thanks #2.
What, no Grain Belt?
I voted for PBR. It's my choice for picnics and cookouts, but only because no one puts good beer in cans. Still, if it's a warm day, the cans have been floating in ice water for a couple hours, and you've just lit a charcoal fire...it's pretty tasty. On the other hand, if I grab one out of the fridge and drink it at home I feel like I've given up on life.
gennesee is the new pabst if anything is.
oly forever!
Frank Booth drinks PBR, you fuck!
I came to that conclusion last year in New York. Pretty much everywhere had RR deals. I went to the Music Hall of Williamsburg and asked for their best selling cheap beer. They handed me a Rolling Rock. I went to the bear bar and asked for their best selling cheap beer. Rolling Rock. At the Eagle? Rolling Rock. And so on.

Poor PBR. Mommy still loves you.
@Orv. There's plenty of good beer in cans. Check out Two Beers and Hilliards, both brewed in Seattle. Plenty of canned craft beer available.
I think the bigger issue here is how much this individual looks like a super excellent combination of J.P. Patches AND Gertrude.
I thought being a hipster was all about not following the crowd? I must be getting old.
Seattle's misbegotten affection for PBR is one of the few things I truly dislike about this city.
PBR, Rainier, Oly = all piss. But, just like mustaches and fixies, you're supposed to like them.

Only city where I can feel like a rebel by drinking a Coors Light (piss, too. But they all are) or using an umbrella when it rains.
@11, Miller bought the Olympia brewery, sold it to South Africans who shut it down and made sure no one could ever brew beer there again. So Oly, like Rolling Rock, is just a label these days.
Oly and Rainier are both owned by Pabst now, a company that does not actually brew any beer at all. Even PBR is brewed on contract by other companies. IIRC it's mostly Miller doing the brewing these days, but it hardly matters.

It's still cheap beer, so enjoy. If you're paying this much attention to the label, you're doing it wrong.
Shiner Bock. It's what everybody in Austin drinks.
We're rolling Rainier and the jealous wanna get some.
Eh, as others have said, it's all shit, but when comparing on a taste basis, I'd say that Rainier wins out in the cheap swill category. It suffices for cheap as dirt water substitute during a busy jam session.

Still, if you have it in your fridge, you've either got a problem, and/or your not as cool as you think you are.
Oly FTW, followed by Rainier, only because rainier gives me a wicked hangover. I usually drink Redhook or Pyramid as my midrange brew, love the variety packs, Mannys when it is on tap and Ninkasi when I am feeling spendy.
Session Lager.
How could you overlook that fine French import, le Schafier (aka Schaefer's)? It's the only beer to have when you're having more than thirty.
How could you forget that fine French import, le Schafier (aka Schaefer's)? It's the only beer to have if you're having more than thirty.