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Top Five Rules For Bumbershoot


don't be a jerk, no fighting, be nice, have fun. quit bitching about the lines. I'm lookin' at you K.OOO. teehee.
Don't try to hold loud and pointless conversations while the band is playing on stage and get all silent in between songs.
Does admonition #1 ever happen? I've never seen that, but I believe it. Adjusted rule #1: Don't use ATM cards – you're holding up the line.

And in what way does smuggling shots "hold up the line"? If anything, you're only smoothly flowing through the "mixer" line to buy some Coke or Sprite to (DISCREETLY) mix with the contents of the one-pint Port-a-Bar tucked under you shirt.
1) Don't go to the Beer Garden Period. It's Tooooo Damn Expensive.
(See #2)

2) It's VERY EASY to smuggle Booze into B-Shoot. Even into Memorial Stadium.

3) Don't go to Mecca or Solo. But, do go to 5 Point, Ozzie's, Touulouse Petit, Taco Bell/KFC!! And, Dick's if you must :(

4) Do drink shots of Whisky before and during and after anything there. There is nothing in whisky that makes one yell at comics.

5) Leave the crazy gear at home. You and everyone else will soon get bored with it. And then, you'll just have to lug around the stupid shit you brought all day/night long.

Bonus, If you're riding the #L8 up to Capitol Hill and beyond. Get on at Queen Anne and Mercer. It's your only chance of actually getting on the bus. Any other stop will be crowded. And the bus will be full by the 2nd, or 3rd stop.
Why not snuggle booze? Are they doing pat-downs?
lol i meant smuggle. I dont snuggle the booze until later on in the night.
No big backpacks.
No big hats (unless you're short).
Don't video bands with your phone.
I am an old person, so I don't go to Bumbershoot anymore. But if I were young, I still wouldn't go, as it is *ridiculously* expensive these days. Who can afford to go to that thing?
i'm with ms. v-DR - my fondest bumbershoot memories are when i paid $4.25 per day (advance tickets from pay'n'save drug stores - camera counter!) and got to see acts like eurythmics on the stage at the coliseum.
last time i went was a couple years ago and couldn't get over the über-entitledness of many drunk and/or just plain disrespectful idiots (see @2 for an example) - if i wanted to subject myself to that i could do it for free on the hill on most any night of the week these days...
Not only that, I think Bartell's sold discounted tickets for the Space Needle during Bumbershoot.

To be fair, there was no shortage of drunk, entitled, disrespectful idiots at Bumbershoot back in the day. It was just a more egalitarian sort of drunk, entitled, disrespectful idiots. And it seemed a little bit more grassroots - big names galore, but a lot of local stuff as well. That may just be nostalgia, however. I'd love to see an old Bumbershoot guide from the 70's or 80's to see how that theory stands up.
I've been going to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco every year since 2010 (which is when I found out that the acts are mostly not bluegrass) and will be continuing to go until Warren Hellman's estate no longer funds it. For me, the three big advantages over Bumbershoot are: (1) it's held in beautiful Golden Gate Park. (2) it's free, courtesy of Mr. Hellman's generosity and love of music and, most importantly (3) it has artists & bands that I like. There are, however, two things I don't like: there are a lot of people (see reason #2) and there's a tradition of people staking out spots with blankets and tarps the entire day so you can't just arrive at a stage and easily get up close to it. It's made me appreciate that, at Bumbershoot, people don't claim spots in this manner. I've almost always managed to get a spot reasonably close to the Mural stage, for example, even when I've arrived late.

9/Catalina: I am an old person, so I don't go to Bumbershoot anymore. But if I were young, I still wouldn't go, as it is *ridiculously* expensive these days. Who can afford to go to that thing?

Like you, I'm up there in years too but I still go...or, at least I was still going through last year. I haven't made up my mind about this year yet. Since most Boomers probably don't go Bumbershoot (or the people who book acts at Bumbershoot presume most Boomers don't go) Bumbershoot needs to book acts which attract younger people and, by and large, these artists & bands don't appeal to me. I'd much rather see Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Joe Jackson and Steve Earle (three acts who are at HSB this year, and the kind of acts that Bumbershoot would've had in the past) than some drony & boring or thrashy indie band. I used to love Bumbershoot. I never missed a year since I moved here in '79 and would go every day. I'd still go every day, even with the much higher ticket prices, if there were music acts that interested me. But there aren't.
Reminds me of the "EOG" skit in Portlandia. Maybe I've succumbed to early-onset-grumpiness but I just can't stand the incessant yapping kids, drunk guys either falling on me or shoving me to get in front, the non-stop phones in the air taking those awesome videos, etc. No thanks. Last time I was at bumbershoot I think the only palatable shows I watched were at the KEXP lounge because everyone shut the fuck up and actually watched the show..