Kelly O

Here are four things to remember to avoid getting sick. (1) Wash your hands OFTEN and with lots of frickin' soap—especially if you're like this guy, "Cookie," who has just emerged from the men's bathroom at the Cha Cha. (2) Avoid handshakes and high fives (or even fist bumps) with people who may be sick—and don't even THINK about borrowing another person's phone to check Tinder. (3) STAY HOME. DIY hot toddies are still delicious (and you can add as much whiskey as you want!). (4) If you MUST leave the house, wear a germ mask. If you can't find a germ mask, try, like Cookie here, a germ-thong. Women's thong underwear, when worn properly, should prevent the spreading of most viruses (I'm told "chicks kinda dig it," too). recommended