I, Anonymous

Coke Adds Suck


I am pretty sure cocaine is still coming over to your place for a visit this weekend, just sayin...
nothings more expensive than that 4 am hit !
Jus' lemme crash on your couch for a coupla days...whas in your fridge. Sorry I let your cat outside.
"Hey man, can I borrow your razor?"
Good. Now shift the blame from the drug to the person who chooses to use it.
lemme be the first since no one bothered , r.i.p. to mike starr from alice in chains . drugs are a muthafucker.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
God, people actually spell it that way?

Terrible, just terrible.
cocaine rocks!
#9, FTW.
LAME! I need to invite Cocaine over to wake me up after reading this boring shit...
Here's an idea, why doesn't IA gulp down a fucking brick of the shit, stick its head back up its ass, and start snorting itself out of its own miserable fucking life? This column sucks rat nuts.
You self righteous commenters are fucking lame. It's amazing how easily even a bit of sarcasm can go totally over some peoples heads.
FUCK YOU, do some blow off a strippers ass to VH's 'panama' then go back to being perfect.
no, hoochiemamma, Crack rocks.
This is the dumbest I, Anonymous post ever.
Ahw, you can't live without me and you know it. You've reveled in destructive relationships your whole life and I'm just another. I will use you and screw you over until you are "born again" and all that made you fun and interesting has been sapped out of you.

I'll find someone else when I'm done with you but for now you've sorta pissed me off so I may make you beg for me, just for kicks. You little slut.
You should try inviting baking soda over, too.
Here's a crazy concept: Choose not to do it.
It's not okay, while your mind is infected you are perfect, the drug is justified, you are an asshole to everybody and you don't even know it.Inviting him over is the norm and nobody can tell you different.
I stopped inviting that dickwad to my place years ago, he was the worst friend that I loved to leave, now that he doesn't come over anymore, my family and friends do.I now have a good time without being left in despair in the wee hours, I'm not stressed, I'm healthy, I can now afford more tattoos, days actually feel like they are 24 hours long.I am a GREAT dad and an AWESOME partner to my woman, my employer can rely on me and is on my side.
EVERYTHING is better, now that I ended THAT ONE bad friendship.

Me and coke finally parted ways about 3 years ago. Glad I grew up .
have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up
Let me guess, you have seen the light and have started banging up heroin. Great choice, have fun and good luck and none too soon as my sales have been down of late.
Where's Arthur Zifferelli when you need him?