I, Anonymous

Cut, Print!


Here's something to think about, Anon: why do you need to be angry at this person? You've won. No one else likes them. If they fuck up a project you're working on, you can blame it on them and people will believe you. Being angry at someone who's already at the bottom of the pecking order is unproductive at best, and to me it kind of suggests that you're getting something out of feeling superior to them.

By the way, if it's true that no one likes this person, they already know no one likes them. I promise. They'll probably drop out soon too.

There are people like this at every school. Sounds like a typical Seattle Hipster still sponging of mom and dad.
Anon. This is part of your learning process. You will work with people like this in the future. Now is the time to learn how to deal with them assertively. You can't fire this person if they end up on your team, but with group consent but you can work around them. If lazybones ends up on your team you need to be clear to the whole group, including lazybones, that one person should not hold the whole group back and then plan around that person. If they have a history of not completing tasks, give them the most unimportant tasks which won't bring down the project as a whole if left undone. Good lucj
This one is really a snooooooooozer.
I agree with Arthur. Borrrrrrrring. Anonymous, give the obnoxious person a drink and spike it with a laxative or something. Mwahahahaha! Make this person want, more than anything, to get out of film school! Don't wait for thus douche-nozzle to make the first move! KIDDING...sort of...
yawn...with all the chaos in the world this is the big issue? We really are doomed to be the bitch of ISIS!
Whenever I drink PBR, I get serious farts. Couldn't Seattle Hipster Bars sell some other brand of cheap beer?
99.99% of I, Anonymous posts that are angry rants are boring and indistinguishable from every other anonymous rant the Internet has to offer. Only the guilty confessions are worth reading.
Don't be submissive, you have paid for your education. This person is getting in the way of your future. Tell him to go away, he's probably gone through this before and a few words from you will be enough for him to leave.
Why blow an O ring? These things tend to work themselves out. In the meantime, stop raging so hard. Obsessing only makes things worse. Anon, don't you have better things to waste your energy on? Don't let the bastard grind you down, your gonna need your O ring later.
This lazy douche is excellent training for future. Seriously, you will run into many entitled, lazy, I'm-only-here-because-my-parents-make-me tools in the real adult working world. They'll get jobs because their parents "know" people, not because they have any talent or skills or interest in the subject. They'll be YOUR boss even though they didn't earn it. Get used to it. Instead of silently fuming and hating them, befriend them and use them to get ahead. Disgusted? Welcome to the world Anon little Art Student. The lazy scum get ahead so ride them coat-tails.
Must be a slow week for overall I, Anon entries.
There is another possibility, and that is that I, Anon is secretly attracted to this douche bag and wants to fuck him like an animal.
Unless he is wearing jeggings to class I see no reason to complain.
The pedagogy and curriculum in film schools are wrong. That is to say, incorrect.
pretty much 3/4 of all film school (and art school) students need to drop out.

but the school needs their tuition $. suck it up buttercup.

You expect me to believe there are flakes in film school? Film school!? Come on.
What would be funny would be to add "von" before this person's last name, as a way of mocking his/her pretensions ("von" being an indicator of nobility).
If I were you, "I, anonymous" person, I'd spend my time questioning whether or not your school is sucking up your money while giving you bad advice and false expectations, rather than focusing on one student who obviously has problems of his/her own. Like most institutions, they'd far rather you spend your time hating on some lone outsider than thinking about whether or not you're the one getting screwed.
This reminds me of the recent Bob's Burgers episode where Louise haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates another kid that everyone else isn't really that bothered by.
Good idea if dick wad is on your project team. Give important task, the make sure you do that task, then when due date comes and dick wad has done a terrible job, or just left you hanging, turn project in independently with well done task. Tell instructor about dick wad's work ethic on "group" submission and how you dod not want that to reflect your standards. Dick wad will get what's coming to him and you will still get a decent grade.