Hey, Stud(ded): You do know that studded tires give LESS traction on any surface EXCEPT packed snow and ice, and they cause more wear and tear to dry roads, don't you? No, you DON'T know that because you're a fucking idiot, so go back to Midas and have them take those stupid things off. Frankly, you don't look like the type of driver who runs your Chrysler LeBaron up to Snoqualmie that much. If a quarter inch of fluff fell, you wouldn't leave the house for a week. Which reminds me, since you haven't looked east or west for months now: There isn't even any snow in the fucking mountains! Ski resorts are closed because there's nothing to ski on! Moron! The klak-klak-klak of your tires rolling on dry asphalt is your car's way of telling the world, "I am driven by a moron." So save your money and our roads—and knock that shit off already. recommended