I drive for Uber and have given more than 500 rides. I have been tipped six times. Three of those tips came from Chinese exchange students. Zero came from the well-paid, well-served tech employees who are the bulk of my business. The tip is NOT included on your Uber ride. But deep down, you knew that, didn't you? That cleaner, nicer car providing far superior service for a MUCH lower price than a taxi is owned, maintained, and insured by your driver. Your driver buys the fuel and the tires. The miles go onto your driver's car. I know it seems unbelievable, but the rate doesn't include a tip. Shocking, right? You had no idea, right? So instead of telling me how great Uber is and how nice my car is, give a little love if you think the service is good. "Nice car! You got here quick!" doesn't put tires on the car. Tip your driver. Now you know. Now if you don't tip, you're just an asshole. P.S. It's a new car, the doors close just fine without you slamming them. recommended