I, Anonymous

A Silent Witness Is the Same Thing as an Accomplice


Ok, when words like "superannuated" and "omerta" are used relatively along with "The Cuff", I think over-educated, arrogant queen - which is probably why no one cared about your Vulva - I mean Volvo. If anthing you should be thanking them. It will probably make dealing with the insurance company a lot easier - assuming you have insurance. Thank your lucky stars you weren't a living test dummy in it when the accident happened. In the grand scheme of the universe its just a frickin car. There are people on this planet, in this country and in this city who have a lot worse situations to deal with than this, so go out there, put on your biggest smile and get yourself a new piece of shit that will be so important to you.
@2 so, does education threaten you?
@3 - Nice Seattle PBR Drinking Hipster comment. But of course, it has no substance. The I, Anon is whining about getting and makes huge assuptions about who nailed her car, and I do say "her" because this I, Anon sounds like an entitled UW freshman douche bag, a trait generally associated with entitled female college freshmen.
I refuse to silently witness this particular I, Anon, as I would not want to be considered an accomplice to its ass-hattery.
@5 Ziff - you really don't know what you are talking about so why don't you just go back to shouting up to your Mom from your basement ;-)
@5 Oh, and I don't find you attractive so please stop trying to get my attention ;-)
no one owes you anything. you got insurance. so fuck off.
@8 - "truck", it's so obvious you want me, but I'm taken., and have been for 21 years. And again, like several comments, yours have no substance whatsoever. Fact is, this is just another whiny Seattle Hipster blather-fest. And by the way, 90 percent of Seattle Hipsters moved here from some East Coast shit-holes, or California (is there a difference?). This description would probably describe YOU. So crack open another ice cold PBR...
Wait, so being upset that one's car was just totalled is now unreasonable? Would you guys be totally chill about having your houses burned down as well?
@12 - Anger is reasonable. Misplaced anger is irrational.
I took "over-educated" to mean pretentious, pedantic, etc. Education is all well and good, but using it only to pad a whine with extra-large words makes one suspect this Anon's tuition money could have been better spent.
Do we have a specific day that we can mark as the day the comment section on Slog became exactly like the Seattle Times?
@9 does Shell pay you for comments not about Shell?
Dude you drive? Whats up with that?
A witness is not an accomplice. Getting involved only exposes the innocent bystander to unknown liabilities.
@15 it's coming soon -- the GREAT CONJUNCTION IS AT HAND!
@18. That's absolute bullshit. I hope you or your family isn't hurt while others simply watch and refuse to speak.
@12 - Unless you live in your car, it's not even remotely the same thing.
@18, I don't think calling the police or notifying a friend that his car just got hit would lead to any unknown liabilities. Even if it happens to a stranger, if you witness an accident, even to a parked car, you are supposed to tell the police what you saw. I don't see how that can lead to a liability. And if he knew these people, which he seems to be implying, that's even worse.
I read this and I thought 'people are assholes'. Then I started to read the comments and I thought 'wow! people are really assholes!'

So much anger and hatred
@23 The guy sounds like a snooty jackass. The person/people who fucked up his precious car are also scumbag dicks. The witnesses who did nothing are apathetic shitheads. The people pointing all that out in the comments love schadenfreude, as does most of the internet.
No worries, @23, most of us just come here to read the comments.

On that note, I wish I had a dime for every time Arthur Z referenced his loathing of PBR drinkers. Now that's some serious hatred right there.