Dear brogrammer in the tacky tricked-out Mustang: I, too, was frustrated by the Friday evening traffic. Sorry my consideration for human life so enraged you that you felt it necessary to lay on your horn, speed past me with a menacing look and raised middle finger, and then slam on your brakes in an attempt to force me to rear-end you. Funny, most of the other ragey drivers I've encountered (so many recently!) have had out-of-state plates as well. That shit doesn't fly in Seattle. If you get cut off, it's cool to mean-mug and throw up your hands as if to say "What the fuck?!" Restraining the urge to go further by throwing up a finger and yelling obscenities out the window kinda makes for a more civilized society. And for fuck's sake, stop honking. This isn't NYC. So be patient and give that Seattle driving etiquette a try. You'll get where you're going eventually, without having to be a honking, road-raging asshole along the way! Fancy that. recommended