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Wife Beater


Maybe she stays with him because he doesn't complain about her smoking?

I won't step into anybody else's relationship, because everybody else is exempted from mine.
Its sad to hear stories of abuse especially where emotions over-rules logic or at the very least common sense or will to survive. Its so much easier to go home, look in a mirror and cry, than to take control of ones life. And its really is too bad that in the 21st century abuse victims, female AND male, dont have library internet resources, house of worship resources, police resources, not-for-profit victims of abuse resources, or if employed, employer benefit resources. Yep, its better to just have a cigarette at the local bar (where liquior always improves these kinds of situations), feel our "battery bumps", so that we can feel sorry for ourselves and hope someone else will ride in on that white charger and fix our problems for us! Sad, sad, indeed.
Almost sounds true.
@1, Clearly he does though.
Is this a sketch for a Lifetime movie?
@5 Not morally simplistic and grindingly predictable enough. Make her a teenager, make the abusive guy disapprove of a wholesome activity like field hockey or something instead of smoking, add some concerned parents and friends in the background plus a case of oral syphilis and a teen pregnancy, and you have a Lifetime movie.

(P.S. I secretly love/hate Lifetime movies.)
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These comments! Five callous dudes finding the humor in this situation and three bots talking about how to make $9,000 a day from your laptop.
Thank you Crash @11. Funniest thing I've read on Slog in years.
I had a similar experience a few months ago - girl had just been beaten and asked me if it showed.

I was SO underprepared for this shit, and kicked myself for it afterwards. Learn your local DVvshelter and support resources - you never know when you might need to give that info to someone else on the spot.
Time to retire I anonymous as it has become nothing but a hate fest/troll magnet.
@2 & @14 Obviously neither of you have been on the other side of the abuse. You don't seem to realize that all those "library internet resources, house of worship resources, police resources, not-for-profit victims of abuse resources, or if employed, employer benefit resources" really aren't there.

Not sure if you understand that all these "resources" are paltry and way over taxed and they prioritize women with children over single women. And if you are atheist, the whole house of worship biz is useless.

When I was desperately looking to flee my psychopath, literally the ONLY shelter available was on Whidbey Island, which I couldn't afford even if I wanted to, not to mention making a commute to work impossible. Honestly, it wasted more valuable time/energy begging all these resources for help than they are worth.

Basically, if you're not born into privilege that can bail you out of terrible situations, you're FUCT.
@2 you might be one of the most disgusting people i've ever seen comment on one of these, and thats saying something... given that the strangers most vocal readers seem to be disgusting victim shamers and neoconservative apologists like you..
fuck i wonder if the editors of these ever wonder if its worth continuing to publish this if it gives monsters like you a platform to spew your vitriol...

i really, really sincerely hope you don't have children. I'm not joking. you're a monster. is the shtick that you actually post the right-wing bullshit you think Red Foreman would actually say if he was recast as a modern, neocon Tea Party worshipping white-boy? Or are you some profile the Stranger uses to troll and drive up traffic to this column?

@15 ditto on retiring the column; this is really growing unsavory that the Stranger willingly posts material that goad this sort of stuff out of their (apparently) repulsive reader-base
while you were crying tens of thousands of women you never met were getting hit. you might as well have cried those tears into the ocean.