Dear lifelong Seattleites: You people are the true essence of cool with your desert boots, slouchy hats on a hot day, and ready-for-any-season couture. I admire your ability to interject words like "chill" and "start-up" into every story. I admire your ability to climb Mount Si before you come into work every morning. What I do not admire is the never-ending Seattle briskness—or dare I say "freeze." I've learned it's not quite a freeze because you'll let a new girl into the circle, but not until she's danced around your gluten-free dinner parties for months. It's rare to be so sidelined by friendships. I've had "friends" stand me up for dinner and coffee, and even walk away mid-sentence. It's not cool. It's fucking rude. After three years, it's still feeling very brisk. Many of us North Face–opposed newcomers are just looking to make a few friends. We promise we won't infect your inner circle with boring topics or annoying behavior. Many of us are just lonely. So next time you hear that someone is new in town, try to say hi or at least don't let the door slam in our faces. I promise, we're not that bad. recommended