Steven Weissman

With all of the negative stories swirling in the news about Planned Parenthood, I decided to support the organization by going to the Seattle branch for the yearly examination of my lady parts. In the waiting room, I saw men and women of all ages waiting to be seen. The clinician asked the standard questions regarding my medical history, but she also dove much deeper: Do I live in a safe environment? Am I being forced to do anything sexually that I don't feel comfortable doing? Who do I talk to when I have a problem? What pronoun would I prefer they use when addressing me? Did I have any questions or concerns that maybe I was afraid to talk about? Luckily for me, I have a loving partner, who I live with in a safe environment. However, I know that for some people, these questions can be a lifeline to get the help they desperately need. So I want to thank you, Planned Parenthood, for being there to ask those hard questions, undeterred by the bullshit. Thank you for being compassionate and steadfast about educating the next generation about their reproductive rights and options along with empowering everyone to feel comfortable with their own gender identity. You give this Gen Xer hope for the future.