You and your mom (?) came into my workplace on Thanksgiving Day. We were slammed. As soon as you found out you were being seated at the bar, you both immediately started bitching. I explained that this was all we had left. Finally, you took your spots at the bar and your mom spat, “Well, this sucks!” loud enough for the whole place to hear. I was already so stressed out that I had to go into the bathroom to cry and then try to compose myself. Apparently while I was in there, you bitched so much about sitting at the bar that my manager talked to some nice folks who didn’t mind switching (if only to stop your complaining) and you got your way, moving to an individual table. Well, that still wasn’t good enough. When you got your food, and your waiter checked in to see how the meal was going, you snapped, “Not very well,” and then proceeded to leave a $0 tip on what was at least a $100 tab. You two are miserable people. I feel sorry for you. In fact, we all did. You absolutely stink of privilege and entitlement. So happy fucksgiving to you, too. Assholes.


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