It's dark out and the rain is here. More people are on the streets on foot, on bikes, and in cars. Tonight, I almost got hit by a car turning into a crosswalk where I was legally crossing. Last year on a dark and rainy night downtown, I hit a pedestrian who I just didn't see. I wasn't distracted or on my phone. Three weeks ago, I witnessed a man get hit by a car in my neighborhood, and he died two days later. I don't know why the man didn't see the car or why the driver didn't see the man. What I do know is that everyone in Seattle who wears dark-colored clothing is practically invisible to drivers. Don't assume a driver can see you, even if they are stopped. Lift your head up, get off your devices, wear reflective clothing, make eye contact with a driver before crossing, and use the street smarts you learned when you were a child. Stay safe out there.


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