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Totally didn't happen, at least not in the context of this fake "I, anonymous." Of course, something similar (if not identical) has happened sometime in the past, but posters need to stop using the "I, anonymous" forum as a discount Penthouse Forum for fake whiners. It undermines the relevance and credibility of the true stuff.
I just love that wonderful time of year when all the Christmas Crazies come out. The hollering, the screaming, the spitting, the bitting, the throwing temper tamtrums and police calls - and thats just the mall and grocery store shoppers doing that last minute Day-before-Christmas-Eve shopping!
I've worked retail before and hope to never again. This could totally be real.
Yup, I work with the public and while most people are okay, I've had to keep my cool while dealing with a rabid dog loony and dialing the police more than once -- this year.

I don't know what it is, but it's not uncommon to see older folks at the post office grind the line to a halt with stamp question for the teller—not postage questions, but "I know you said you're out but can you look in back for this Elvis stamp anyhow?". Some people just really want the stamps they want rather than taking the easy way. They ought to just put all the variety they have on hand in machines.
@1 Shit like this happens ALL THE TIME. Initially, I thought the letter writing might have been describing an event that I had seen with an angry woman in her late 50's holding up a line, chewing out a postal worker for being an "incompetent lazy bitch" all because the postal worker had the audacity to require proper packaging for the items the woman wanted shipped. I realized it was a different incident when Anonymous' described event was over a stamp, but regardless, not only does this type of shit happen, it happens A LOT.
Utterly believable. Tip: Unless there is literally a crime happening, don't yell in public. Just don't. Full stop. If you are yelling at a service person and they are not stealing your baby/assaulting your person/calling you a racial slur, you are failing as an adult.
I was at the Columbia City Post Office on an incredibly hot day once when a horrid woman with a beret and no brassiere came in and had a total meltdown about the line and said dreadful things to the staff. Maybe it was the same person?
@8 - Well, she wasn't a Republican then -- given no brassiere.
@9 Don't be silly, many female Republicans do not wear brassieres. Go take a look at Walmart and Chick-fil-A.
Sometimes you can just chalk these incidents up to obvious impending decrepitude on the part of the customer, but OTOH there is just something about the holidays that can bring out the worst in people. This woman probably does the "I just need ONE stamp" shtick all the time, and otherwise it probably doesn't have much impact on her, other customers, or postal workers. But at this time of year, with lines 20 or 30 deep, it's not unusual for ones sense of privilege ("I ride this train REGULARLY!") to get the best of one. I suppose all you can really do is ride it out, Keep Calm, and recognize this person's melt down really doesn't have anything to do with you.
@10 - hilarious
@14 - I totally want that job! Thanks for posting!

The thing that makes this unbelievable is that an entire line of people let this nonsense go on for 15 minutes! C'mon people. What were these unsuccessful efforts to stop her? Just out-crazy the b***h.
IF this is a real "I, anonymous", and not a fake, I would not be surprised if the poster turned out to be related to, or actually, #14, considering the pathetic personality characteristics involved.
Don't you guys all realize that no events ever actually happen unless Texas10R thinks they did?