I Love Television

Poop-Can It!


Dollhouse is sad, dark, twisted, and totally fucked up. I love it. I demand that you watch every episode fourty times until your mind is erased and replaced with a sous chef cheerleader ninja assassin that likes Dollhouse. It's subversive!
How I met your mother is not poop-cannable. It's to dang good.
you're a poop for deucing on HIMYM
bad call, dude
I go out of my way to make time to watch Grey's Anatomy - it's much better this season. On Sunday night, NO ONE better bother me when Desperate Housewives is on! I don't believe I even know what channel the CW is on, so you fans are welcome to it, but GA and DH are in no danger of cancellation 'cause of boring old drones like me. I would like to add to the list of Things To Be Cancelled - Private Practice. What a loathesome, steaming heap this show is. Somebody - cancel it NOW!
The only reason crappy shows stay on the air is because it's cheaper to keep an old show on the air then try to establish a new one.

It's always about the money. Always.
Damn, Lindsay, you sure are brilliant cutting through our naivete there. Don't know what we would've done without your insight!
Not sure my comment posted earlier. It was wittier than this, but the gist was Lindsay is a pretentious condescending douche.