I Love Television

With 100 Percent Patriotic Content


Place on ground, light fuse & get away. Do not hold in hand. KABOOOOM!! Stop, drop & roll. Stay safe and unsane Humpy. Don't forget the red meat.
But...your employers do offer free handjobs to sailors down by the docks to show their support for our men in uniform...
" drink five cases of PBR during work hours, set up a chocolate-pudding Slip 'N Slide next to the copy editor's desk, engage in a Roman-candle battle with those dickholes in the production department, and have sex with that totally cute new intern"

just another work day at The Stranger.
"organizing a squad of A-Team-style mercenaries to track down BP CEO Tony Hayward and beat him to death with cricket bats."

Well...beating him to death is a bit extreme but I wouldn't mind frightening him into pissing his own pants. Who's with me?!
I did Macy's(Im pathetic) and have finally seen Bieber..OMG...it took about 27 seconds to turn the channel. Tell me Master what to watch.(6 barges on the Hudson -F'n cool).(Im pathetic)(OUT)