I Love TV

The Devil, You Say!


Great stuff.

I'll say it, Wm. Steven Humphrey is a national treasure. In this respect, he's not unlike Nicolas Cage.
Someone needs to do a TV story on fractional channels on broadcast DTV.

First there was This! on 4.2 (one notch above KOMO) that featured an assortment of old movies. And there was 7.2 (GetTV) and now there's 7.3 (Laff TV for HiLarRious comedies). Of course the standby is "Antenna TV" on 22.3 when I need a Green Acres or Flying Nun "block party".

But these things are popping up all over the place. Did someone figure out you can rent these things for a song. Quite frankly, I also enjoy watching programs with commercials. Can get up, stretch, wash, snack, check email, just like the good olde days (well, sans email).

These new fractional channels have made channel surfing fun again! I've been watching The Owl and The Pussycat on one of them, in dribs and drabs for a few weeks now (it's hard to watch in one setting anyway). And sometimes they have even more significant digits (like nn.nnn -- how refined can it get...every last digit is a power of 10 more channels!)

I keep seeing and hearing recommendations for this show. It's all I can do to tell people in person that, "...yeah... I'll.. have to, uh, check that out." When what I really want to say is, "But Daredevil is such a stupid premise for a superhero. And his alter-ego is a fucking lawyer, fer chrissake. Why the hell would I be interested in that?!"
Sorry, dude. Second episode, the good guys torture proudly and successfully. This ended the show for me.