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My new favorite show is Alone.


It's a summer series on the History Channel (you can watch it free from their website, or using the free History App on Fire TV).

Given: 8 men are put in a remote location (North Vancouver Island, BC). They have to live off the land, build shelters, forage for food and fight off wild animals. They are isolated from each other and all other human contact.

They get to take 10 things of their choosing with them and their clothes. They get a satellite phone which they can use to "tap out" when they can't take it any more. Last man standing wins $500,000.

The Twist: Unlike all other "reality" shows this one really is real in that there are no film crews. The producers dump them with a plastic trunk full of cameras and batteries (including night vision cameras, great for picking up tent tearing cougars) and they have to make their own video record.

The Result: It becomes a crazy Heart of Darkness autobiographical records as they go from elation to despair to madness to full on native, living on small game and building traps from sticks!

That there are no doubt people who live this life each and every day and with ease, not to mention the First Nations who lived there and existed with out metal or plastics for centuries.

If it goes on long enough, then yes, that is their life, no longer a vacation. What is there to go back to once you've done it all by yourself?