I Love TV

So Long, Dear Suckers!


What. I just got onto reading you, especially how you went after the op.
It's a dicey op, so I wanted to be sure every thing was ship shape.
The TV review, of no use to me really, given I live down under.
Humpy, I truly loved reading your columns. You were truly the Hunter S. Thompson of television critics. There will never be another one.
What??? Whoever is responsible will be getting SUCH a SPANKING for this transgression.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! @1&2 both said it better than I can. I will miss your weekly brushes with insanity, and chitty chatting.
Why is The Stranger even around anymore? Except to act as the liberal arm of building developers to give them a nice "hip" flavor.
I can't count the number of times over the years that I've referred to my ass as my "honey baked ham". Thank you for expanding my vocabulary. I wish you dogspeed.
I am so sad that even a booshy moostache will not make me smile.
Thanks for all the years, man. Seems like I was enjoying this column since back in the fold-out days, if not that long, at least since the beginning.
But you'll still come back to make fun of Christina Ricci's giant forehead sometimes, right?
It is a dark day. A dark, dark, snowy, scrambled cable porn day.
Thanks for all of your oh so wonderful columns!
Who is Steven Humphrey?
That's not so Raven.
FSMdammit! And here I've done about a million squats at the gym in the hopes of becoming lucky Mr. 27,454!
Humpy, I've been a regular reader for 15+ years (gulp), and your columns have always been like a booshy moostache ride for my brain. The laughter through the tears. Thanks for everything and big hugz. No matter what, UBU.
i heart TV is the last bit of raw old skool humor from The Stranger. And than you muchly, i never thought to flip around godspeed, Love it!
nooooo whyyyy one less reason to read the stranger ;_;
This sucks.
huge frowny face
I don't own a TV.
Wm. Trademark is leaving the building! Time to dump the boob tube, guess I'll read a book.
I used to hate your writing, then I loved it, then I hated it again. Why are you leaving just when I was starting to love you again?!? Give me another chance!
This column convinced me to check out Battlestar Galactica--such a bad influence on my TV viewing habit! Thanks for all the good times. Had lots of laughs over the years.
But but whyyyyyyy? Aaarrggghhhh!
However, putting Melrose Place in the same category as Veronica Mars is A SIN! REPENT NOW!
HUMP! Congratulations on 19 wonderful years of honey-baked columns (i'm just assuming there were enough bad weeks in there to take one year off). Mazel tov!
no. no. no. You, sir, are a national treasure and will be dramatically missed as part of my daily constitutional ritual. I Love Television Forever. Forever!
Humpy, you'll be missed dearly. I hate television (aside from a couple of very specific things that pulled me in, one of which was BSG) but loved your column. I wish you all the best in whatever you're going to be doing now... the Portland Mercury is extremely lucky to have you (you're staying there, right?).

Also, the "Karen Silkwood shower" was genius. <3
I enjoyed reading your TV columns, Humpy.

We all love TV.