Waaaaaaa Tiny Town made me cry.
I don't know where this guy was hanging out, but people always smile back at me. Random strangers in the grocery store wish me happy holidays. Okay, so maybe we're not 'texas' friendly, but please.
He is also pissed at our lack of willingness to beat our wives and execute retards.
Cuz Seattle is the new Narcissism Capital of the West Coast. Not Seattle's fault though -- it's all the transplanted Los Angeleans you can thank. Oh, wait! Don't say thanks or they'll call the police on you...
Nah, it's the Seattle natives. The only thing I miss about Seattle is getting to read this rag in the flesh.
Seattle natives and the permanent transplants drawn here are as lukewarm as their weather. But, hey, clearly such clever commenting like #3 must make up for it.

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