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Please to remember, ALL that "As Seen On TV" stuff is crap. No matter how cool it looks, it is crap. The Hydroxicut, the TopsyTurvy, the Buxton Bag, even the Snuggie, it is all crap. Crap!
Regarding the April 29 posting about the disgusting male washing himself like a cat on the bus - I had two similar encounters with a guy meeting that description back in the late 90s! More than ten years later and he hasn't been "brought to justice" for grossing people out?!!
WOOF! There seems to be a lot of "gross encounters" on Metro buses lately! EW!

...and for over a decade, this guy has been publicly bathing like a cat on Metro buses (according to Mermaid)?!?

And Metro does nothing? I shudder to think what the public restrooms are like!

A WHOLE lotta sickos out there!
I am so happy to learn that my grammy, "inconspicuous lady," continues to maintain her hygiene regimen. Hot Tipper SAE should just thank his or her lucky stars that gramms saved her nether region wash up for another day.