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As to the COULD get worse.

They haven't always managed to win FIVE games in a season(and they were in danger of losing to the LIONS at one point this year, in case you'd blotted out that particular memory).
As for the Seahawks, at least they didn't have the Rams' season! OUCH!
"Which brings us to today, when President Obama took time away…"

"Which brings us to an early forerunner for the worst story of 2010…"

Goddamnit Schmader, It took me three fucking years to get you guys to stop calling the #43 (and other routes) "Seattle Metro" buses. [As you have learned, they are King County Metro buses.]

Will you now please pursue the ever-elusive complete sentence?
Young people, whether or not on their quest of a B.A., are influenced by YOUR style of writing, even if your column sometimes is scarcely typing. Atone through the use of complete sentences, lest our language sink into the murky trough of "gangsta" Ebonics and text-speak.
Amen, Texas10R.
@Texas10R: I am a linguist. *PLEASE* STFU. Here's why:

1. Language changes. All the time.

2. Thought is prior to, and different from, spoken language. Thought happens in sentence fragments and does not "break" language, or "hurt" it. Dictionaries don't speak language. People do. Written language is a way to capture what is spoken; it may have its own rules (and trust me, I haaate the wrong usage of its/it's), but adherence to it when it doesn't make a difference is annoying and stupid. I'm pretty sure Mr. Schmader spell-checked everything before submitting the piece.

3. Everyone speaks dialect. Yours happening to be the same as the one the newscaster uses doesn't give you superpowers, and it damn sure doesn't make you smarter than the black dude who speaks his dialect. Your snootitude sure does peg you as one of those twatwaddles who thinks that sentence-ending-prepositions are verboten, though. (PRO TIP: English speakers have been doing that for 1000+ years)

4. You lack the basic linguistics education I give my LING 101 students. People who show off grammar "rules" (not the actual rules that linguists study, but the ones completely made up by philologists in the 19th century) just seem desperate to seem smart. Ergo, ugh.

5. "Whom" is stupid. Stop pretending it's actually a word, ya fuckwit.