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The Week in Review


Donate food. Don't turn this into an argument for gun control. Stupid mom. Idiot cops. I'm sure she was running in an antagonistic fashion. Happy Thanksgiving Last Days....drink a whole lot.
This is such an asshole move, and I know it, nut it's happening anyway.

A robbery is the physical taking of a possession from the person of another through violence or the threat of violence. One person has to take something out of another persons hands or off their body.

A burglary is to entering of a dwelling of another, without consent and with the intent to commit a felony within. Basically, theft from a building which is what I assume the art thieves did.

When you say the dude was "commissioning a burglar he met in prison to rob wealthy art owners" I think what you actually meant was:

"commissioning a burglar he met in prison to burglarize the homes of wealthy art owners."

Nit picky, but you'll lose serious points on your criminal law final, which I happen to be avoiding studying for right now.

Yikes. Back to work...

Also, great last days, as always.
WHOA! I even meant to say "burgle" instead of "burglarize". It's important. If you're the principle actor in a burglary and you commission some to help you, you've burglarized them like a deputy deputizes someone.

Burgle is the appropriate verb. I can't believe I did that. Sorry.

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