Last Days

The Week in Review


Thanks for the year that was Last Days. Make 2011 the year of a few more personal grooming stories and less subbing by Ann Romano...please.
BTW, that Nicaraguan earthquake started the chain of events that produced the Sandinista revolution which overthrew dictator and serial mustache abuser Anastasio Somoza. Somoza outraged the people of Nicaragua, who'd been terrified of him and his family, by stealing the tens of millions of dollars sent in to rebuild Managua and putting them in his own private bank account(major parts of the city STILL haven't been rebuilt from the earthquake). For baseball fans, the earthquake is an additional occasion of tragedy, since it led to the death of Pittsburgh Pirates legend Roberto Clemente, who was killed when the rickety private plane he rented to replace some of the earthquake relief supplies stolen by Somoza crashed within sight of Clemente's home in Puerto Rico.
the God Father of Soul James Brown died on Christmas last year