Last Days

The Week in Review


Omigod, welcome back, but...the bear thing, augh. I almost wish you were still away, in hopes nobody would have caught that in your absence.
you had to inflict the bear thing on us why now?
@1&@2: I agree!!!

Funny how Lynden is so consistently chock full of weirdos.
No bees = no honey...Hence the bears are comin' for us....Then the sharks....Then the apes. Welcome back Schmader.
Seriously. Plenty of local and politically relevant horror to write about don't you think? Must we hear about bear attacks in Russia? Especially this sort of thing?!
Another week without maakies, almost no reason to read the Stranger online anymore.
ESPECIALLY BRAVE lesbians for rescuing face-chewing pit bulls- it's a wonder any of them survived. Way to go, ladies!
That bear story made me want to invent a time machine so I could go back and convince my past self to not read it.
#8 - exactly right on.

You said it was awful but that wasn't near enough of a warning. Please — next time.... give a warning more in proportion to its horribleness, which is about as horrible as it gets. Please.

Seriously — I picked up the Stranger to read idly over a slice of pizza, having made a quick stop on the way to work. Oh my ....

Thank God for benzodiazepines, but I think it'll take more than that to give me a few hours of nightmare-free sleep tonight.
Seriously, what next? Ursine Zombies Invade the Convention Center: Film at 11?
While I realize that sensationalism is the name of the game for Last Days,
come on---I still need a good night's sleep, too!

GIve me the story about the doofus down in Florida that woke up an entire motel complex at 12:30AM because he got his wang stuck in a pool drainage pipe during a "midnight swim" any day!
@9: I second that!!