Columns Sep 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

The Week in Review


Oops. Keth Carradine is Martha Plimpton's father.
Bears are hungry...Even when you are careful...They will eat you. George Plimpton was way old.Duh. Fuck those cartel motherfuckers. jeez assholes.
Don't forget how DADT was CELEBRATED at it's inception as vaguely allowing gays to serve, as long as they DADT. At the time, it was the most progressive action to date. The natural life progression leads to death, as in this case, but don't condemn what was, in the past, a landmark decision.
Why doesn't Billy Chambers go to Alaska and get eaten by a----oh, wait. Bears don't eat shit.
God, more horrific bear stories. When will those fuckers let up?

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