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Jesus fucking christ. We need to get the fuck out of Afghanistan.
See what happens when you don't floss end up ridin' the bus.(teehee)Or livin' in one. Go back to calling it Fort Lewis. Don't give us the "small percentage" line of BS either. This Is Shit That Should Not Be JBLM.
@1: I second that!! I'm for ending war, period.

@2 freesandbags: I'm sooooooooo glad I don't ride on Metro anymore---yuck!

Also, @2, re: last week's DOTW: I don't have any actual intention of ever creating such a horrific pie; I only feel that Rush Lardbutt deserves one in his face for being such an arrogant, misogynist asswipe.
Sounds like we oughtta invite some of those Mujahideen over here. That'd take care of the hipster infestation with a quickness.
Bigamist Guy is a scumbag, but he shouldn't go to jail. The requisite societal shaming has been delivered, I believe. Of course, no politician will risk their career to reform laws on sexual crimes - definitely not so soon after the same sex marriage win.