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Quit complaining at least you WA residents have the FREEDOM to blow your own fingers off each year; down here in OR we're only allowed to play with "safe" dazzler, sparkley fireworks. Blow shit up Bitches!
Ummm, reservations. We aren't allowed to play with good fireworks either, technically.
Fucking Gorillas, how do they work?
Proof positive that gorilla vaccines do not work!
Okay, Arthur, where's this week's supply of malt liquor and cocaine?
Fair and Balanced

Props to The Stranger’s David Schmader

In the Last Days’ column, Mr. Schmader provides coverage (perhaps we should say, finally provides coverage) of the usual perfidy by pharmaceutical giants, in this case, GlaxoSmithKline.

We thank you. (Dr. Drew Pinsky fans, take note!)

Of course, such mention begs the obvious question which goes unanswered.

With an almost daily scandal breaking over the past six years, at least, one quickly forgets the awesome full scale rigging of markets and events and concentrated interconnections.

We hear about high frequency trading (HFT), proprietary trading, billions gone missing here, billions gone missing there, legislation passed (Dodd-Frank), and nothing changes --- it only gets worse!

Those of us paying even closer attention, hear of “flash crashes” --- conveniently occurring just prior to important congressional votes?

Next, we hear of the LIBOR scam, which may be a bit too abstract or too nebulous for some to quickly grasp.

Shit happens --- but never with such consistent, mind-numbing regularity.

While I can appreciate going into a deli and ordering a “Kardasian” --- and receiving a big-assed sandwich and understanding the significance --- this doesn’t alter the privations we experience on a daily basis.

And what was that obvious question I previously referred to?

Who owns GlaxoSmithKline?

When we see proof every day of just how thoroughly rigged things are, basic logic dictates we should expand our purview.

Should we find --- when we realize --- that those who create the cancers and various health problems in one industry, then sell to the public the so-called remedies from another industry --- we see the big picture of the market rigging.

Sell the landmines which cause all those limb amputations, then reap further profit by selling those expensive prosthetics! (By the way, landmines enjoy the greatest financial ROI of any weapon in the munitions industry.)

Better yet, appeal to the public’s conscience to donate funds for those prosthetic devices, and now they’ve utilized OPM, or Other People’s Money, to the third power --- fully maximizing those profit margins!

When those who peddle tobacco also own the smoking-cessation clinics, they just can’t lose.

Sunlight cleanses, which is why that knowledge which fully exposes reality is so important --- but to allow others to control the sunlight is to grant them the power to focus it laser-like on us, turning the public into so many crispy critters, much the same as a small child experiments with a magnifying glass to fry ants on a hot summer day.

When we, the public, and we, the people, remain ignorant of the actual reality, we allow ourselves to be infinitely played, to be the poor clownish sucker forevermore.

Another Stranger staffer, Paul Constant, wrote an article a few years back, detailing how several stalwart fellows at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters, were campaigning for further investigation of the murky and questionable events surrounding 9/11, and ended his article by pooh-poohing their quest --- instead suggesting we should just “move on.” (Wasn’t that just what President Obama said about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the banksters?)

The problem with such sentiment is that it ignores the glaringly obvious questions: (1) when the Pentagon’s comptroller announced, on 9/10/01, that auditors had uncovered $2.3 trillion as unaccounted for, and on the very next day, 9/11/01, a plane flies into the west wall of the Pentagon, killing most of those very same auditors, and severely injuring the others; and (2) background research of a number of those passengers aboard the four airliners that day, answers the obvious question why no one came forward who might have been intimately involved with that operation.

When “move on” ignores the perpetrators having trillions of dollars at their disposal, from 2001, to wage economic warfare, to rig all those markets and events, and buy off all those politicians and regulators, then we surely have consigned ourselves to perdition.

With knowledge comes understanding; it’s really that simple!
Great. ONE sunny day here, and I miss it. I was in Idaho, with the AC in my car going out on the first 100 degree day, which escalated to daily temps of 100-110. I come back, and I need to turn on the heat...
@7: WAAAAAAH! LOL!!! You could always go back to Idaho if you need ACs and hot, relentless sun so badly. You could also try Arizona, Texas or Florida for a while, too. I understand that power lines are melting in Virginia. That hot enough for ya?
But if you end up frying like Bishop Bickering from "Caddyshack", don't come bitching to me.