Last Days

The Week in Review


So we jail a homeless guy for catching and killing a bird so he can eat it?

Yet, had the caught a fish, and killed it to eat it, that would have been perfectly legal?

Fucking bullshit.
#1, I thought he killed the bird out of jealousy, because pelicans catch fish and the loser pelican murderer couldn't catch fish. He wasn't eating the pelican.
If women in the United States did what the rape victim did in Yalvac, Turkey, would the Republicans shut the fuck up and back the fuck off our bodies already??
@1 & 2 - I didn't get a "jealousy" vibe at all, just a bit of "crazy". My initial thought was totally in agreement with comment #1. We can kill fish with baited hooks, shoot pretty much anything with guns, and it's totally fine, but two months in jail for killing a pigeon? Don't careless drivers kill pigeons every day with no consequence?
@4: He killed a pelican, not a pigeon. It might have been a protected species.
Look on the bright side - he now has regular meals and a roof over his head for two months. Also he could still go to jail for the fish if he didn't have a fishing license. Can't just let people kill animals freely - there would be none left.
How the fuck do you rip a man's heart and tongue out on mushrooms, unless your just plain fucked up to begin with?
worst trip ever
"...suicide by crocodile"?

That's not a sentence I thought I'd ever read. I'm going to read the hell out of this article.
Triple martinis for Last Days all weekend. Drink up David.
The mushroom pictured is amanita muscaria, only mildly hallucinogenic, and I'm sure good pics of far more active shrooms could have been found of anything in the psilocybin variety, such as Liberty Caps (cow pie mushrooms...ew). Some people actually peel off the red skin of A. Muscaria and eat the rest of the mushroom with no ill effect, though I'm not about to try it.