Last Days

The Week in Review


Not depressing enough.
It was alright. I think bad news is more entertaining though.
Why can't the Catholic Church go down a sinkhole?
So basically you're saying that guy in Florida died in the same way bad spirits go to hell in Ghost. Okay!
But... but... but...

No bear attacks, couch humpers or ill-tempered comedians?

Boo to those who complained last week!
So...when the new Pope is annouced, they should play that Bloodhound Gang song from "Fahrenheit 911" over the Vatican sound system? Cool!
Thanks for the palette cleanser. Happy birthday Pa Last Days. Back to the coal mine next week Dave.
Well, that was bad news for horses, Mr. Bush, and catholics the world over. Can't please everyone I guess. Still waiting for ridiculous public grooming Nazis to raise their heads.
@5: Okay. No complaints for THIS week.
I'm sorry to read about Jeff Bush and the horses.
Happy Birthday to the Senior Mr. Schmader!
YAAAAAAAYY to the expansion of VAWA!

But I DO have one big complaint---not to David, however; he's only reporting it. But I have GOT to say this!! Although there were Academy Award winners I was thrilled for, this year's Oscars ceremony really stunk. I was unimpressed by Seth McFarlame's publicized fecal perfume.
I know I'm still ranting about LAST week's segment of Last Days, here, but Seth McFarlame's inexcusably asinine behavior at the Oscars deserves mega-complaints. There are too many PIGS in Hollywood, and he's oinking proof that the L.A. entertainment industry is worse than ever.
You can, Proteus (and probably still will, regardless of my opinion), guffaw and continue to love Seth all you want. That's your choice as well as that of all his other fans.
I, however, am sitting next year's ridiculously over-hyped, globally televised pimpfest out.
There. I've said enough until next week's last Days.
The expanded VAWA gives tribes the right to have jurisdiction over ANYONE on their land, even those who are not tribal members, because Native American women are 3 times more likely than any other race to be raped, twice as likely to be seriously injured or murdered in the commission of the rape, and in 88% of cases the rapist is non-Native, and gets away with it, as up until now, tribes did not have authority to do anything about it, and off-reservation authorities didn't care. Even the King County Sheriff said of rapes at Muckleshoot, "They happen ALL the time...". Some reservations have serial rapists, because they know they can get away with it. This is a step towards making sure they DON'T get away with it. Except, VAWA is NOT valid in ALASKA!
UH...VAWA isn't VALID in Alaska? Are you sure about that?

One thing that might be a source of confusion there is that, due to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act(ANCSA)which was passed to resolve Alaska Native land claims on the areas the Pipeline was to pass through(and ended up extinguishing Native land claims throughout the state in exchange for the setting up of Native Corporations, which were meant to provide an economic base for Native communities(but haven't always done so, and have instead sometimes just behaved as ordinary white capitalist companies behave)"native land", as it's known in the "lower 48" doesn't exist in Alaska(other than the at the Tsimsian reservation of Metlakatla, near Ketchikan).

If that reservation has been denied jurisdiction over non-tribal members on its land, that needs to be changed. But I doubt the entire act is invalid for the whole state.

Still, I'm gonna have to research that, because it sucks big time if that's true.

I seriously doubt the entire act
Apologies for the extraneous half-sentence at the end of #12...forgot to delete it.
*guffaws loudly*

Well hell Griz, I never said I liked his performance at the Oscars (never even saw it). There's a time and place for everything and the Oscars DEFFINATELY weren't the time and place for McFarlane. I don't need to have watched it to know that was a bad idea.

Still not going to stop me from watching Family Guy though.
@14: I never said I was going to stop you from doing anything.
I simply stated that I'M not into Seth McFarlame (by the way, I
REALLY hate "The Family Guy"--no surprise there), and
won't be watching the annual Hollywood pimpfest known as Oscar
Night. That's just me--I'm not into pigs.
Didn't mean it like that Griz. Was just saying that MacFarlane's total absence of tact wasn't going to deter me from enjoying his other works.

Tottaly wasn't trying to attack you back there. *waves white flag*
@16: No harm, no blood, Proteus013.
I wasn't trying to attack you, either.
Don't worry--no white flag is needed.
You like what you like, I like what I like.