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WAY too much fucking much raging testosterone this week!
That it is running amok in rampant crime waves is unsettling.
Thank you, Cienna, for two good reminders to avoid Texas
and Florida, especially in the spring and summer.

Today the state of Oklahoma botched the execution of Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer who was sentenced to death 15 years ago after confessing to shooting an Oklahoma teenager with a sawed-off shotgun and then watching as two other men buried her alive

No mention of the fact that he also raped her?
@2 keshmeshi: I know--I was sickened by that, too, and that was partly what I meant in @1 about [there being] too much fucking testosterone running amok. Nobody ever asks to be raped.
Too much insanity and not enough common sense.
I read reports about Clayton Lockett in three newspapers and nowhere did they say that he was also charged with rape. Why not, if it happened like that? I could not care less how he died or how much he suffered during the procedure. It was still much less an experience than what he and his accomplices did to the victim herself. As far as I'm concerned, he should have suffered two or three days non-stop. And then died.
The story also doesn't mention that fact that Lockett and his accomplices made the victim dig her own grave before Lockett shot her and the accomplices buried her alive.