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Sorry, all pushy, "exemplary" Christians everywhere, but that is NOT an image of Jesus Christ. Is that Dubya, Rush, or Charles or David Koch?

End the insanity of Macho, Gun-totin' Mad Cowboy Disease NOW!

Bring back the Nigerian schoolgirls!

Jee-ZUS Kee-RIST! Drive-through divorces available at Wal*Mart, and shotguns 30% off at Freddy's.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, and bless you both. I know you must be shaking your heads up there. *sigh*

Auntie Grizelda: What makes you so sure dear old mom and dad are shaking their heads UP there?! My, my, did God tell you that? Mwahahahahaha!
@2: No---my beloved parents did. Shame on you.