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Tots dealing slam is such a Shelbyville problem.
> Bristol punched Klingenmeyer in the face multiple times before he grabbed her first and pushed her backwards

So Bristol is also a time traveler?
Once again, with heartfelt feeling: why can't the Ebola virus that has reached the United States and already infected Texas wipe out Rick Perry, Warren Buffett, the Koch Brothers' Evil Empire, the GOP and Tea Parties and leave the rest of us on the dying Planet Earth ALONE?

I am SO ready to punch Sarah and all other Palins in the mouth, but I'm sure I'd only be stuck standing in a lonnnnng line stretching all the way to Alaska, waiting for my turn.
@3, Part II, the Sequel: While it is indeed, wonderful that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriages, it is a shame that women's health issues are nor regarded with equal respect.
Please spellcheck your headline.
@4: Drat! I meant to write " is a shame that women;s health issues are not regarded with equal respect".

@5 Trinka: I usually do not rely heavily on spellcheck, as what word(s) the computer might pre-select as correct grammar and /or spelling might not actually be the correct grammar and /or spelling.
Not to be too much of a downer gang, but sorry, divorce lawyers across the country are rejoicing..remember, 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce and gay is no different..

That being said, I'm beyond happy for my friends that have persevered thru the if only the "Supreme Court" can find balls to direct all states to get their shit together. Hey, maybe Tripp can finally bang Bristol after all these years of spank bank whacking? Sarah can run in yelling " do you know who I am"!!

Ooh,, never mind
hellinafiresuit: Please learn to use commas and periods correctly and in the proper places. Also, if Sarah Palin comes running in to see Trig (She has two sons, Track and Trig, NOT Trip) and Bristol going at it, she would yell, "Do you know who I am?" Please make note of the question mark at the end of the previous sentence. The sentence had a question mark at the end of it because it was a QUESTION! Work on your grammar and I will grade you appropriately next time. Badly written letters or comments make you look like a moron. That is all.
@8 sorry, I'll work on my skoolin'. It must make for long days having to correct everybody. Bet they hate you at work. Remember, this is just a forum, not a term paper or bar exam and not everybody is as exemplary as you.

Also, I didn't realize girl was spelled grrl.

By the way, @3 auntie grizelda used to many n's in long and didn't capitalize her name, however I always like what she says and will forgive her.
Oh wait, that's too many n's. Sorry again
@9: My misspelling of the word long was intentional, to fully emphasize just how many people would likely be standing ahead of me, waiting to punch out the Palins if given half a chance.
By the way, your registered name isn't capitalized, either, hellinafiresuit...? but thanks for the compliment, ...I think.
Why did nobody think to video the Palins?
The Thrilla from Wasilla would have been fun for us all to watch!
Maybe they could do a celebrity smackdown and repeat it all for us.