Columns Nov 5, 2014 at 4:00 am

Starring Lethal Tape Measures, Scary Republicans, and Internet-Exploding Comedy


Bankrupt the GOP and Tea Parties!
O fuck.
Seriously, I voted, canvassed, doorbelled, phone-banked, attended publicly held local, state, and federal candidate debates, and am continually protesting this outrageously hostile corporate takeover. To those who COULD have voted---and are now super-pissed at the shameful outcome of this midterm government auction but who willfully chose to sit back and did nothing on November 4th, ANYWAY: don't come crying to me.
Here's hoping that the passing of Initiative 594 can help prevent such heartbreaking tragedies like the recent shooting at Marysville-PIlchuck HIgh School from repeating.

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