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yuck. that's all.
Thanks for making the science news the one positive thing about being a naked ape.
Being English, I had to go into the icky territory last year of both Jimmy Saville, and Rolf Harris's liking for children.
I know it's tough people, but Bill Cosby sounds very much like he's in that league.
It is very distressing when your childhood heroes turn out to be rapists and pedophiles.
@1 freesandbags: I second that Yuck. That's all.
*large panda eyes*

How many other "beloved' celebs are rapists/molesters? Probably more than we might care to learn.
Wouldn't it be better to wait and let Cosby DEFEND himself before the entire world convicts him of these charges? Granted, it doesn't look good at this point but the women on this bandwagon are certainly looking at big dollars. They won't win any settlements, there isn't any D.N.A evidence from 40 yrs. ago unless these women saved crucial things that would stand up in court. This is blackmail, true or false these "victims" have no evidence to back up their claims.