Last Days

The Week in Review—Live from Alderwood Mall!


I will have another slice of pumpkin pie. Eat up Last Days.
Gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, and back to music and seasonal holiday flicks for me.

I'll toast to anyone giving Jose Canseco the finger--for free.

Danke schoen, good people of Wunsiedel, Germany!
Terry Bean is not to be covered in the media, period.
Just goes to show you...
The story about Jose Canseco auctioning off his finger turned out to be a fake perpetrated by Canseco himself. It didn't even fall off during a poker game. Just another desperate plea for attention.
#3: Bean will be covered fully and you know. And the LGBTQ community will be united against him, because no LGBTQ people approve of or defend pedophilia(as you know but will refuse to admit).

Can YOU promise not to blame all gays for what Bean allegedly did? Didn't think so.

You're going to argue that this justifies what they did to Matthew Shepard, most likely.
@5 Gern Blanston: It figures, right? I'm still willing to give Jose Canseco the finger free of charge.
Jose Canseco sure is strange.
Man, oh man, that whole Bill Cosby thing. Hard to even wrap your heard around it. Cognitive dissonance like no other. Even worse than Jerry Sandusky. Drugging and raping and drugging and raping and drugging and raping. For how many years? 30 plus? And he's still touring? And showing up in red pajamas, goading and joking with the audience about the allegations? Bill fucking Cosby is a straight up psychopathic rapist. No empathy, no control, no conscience. Scum of the Earth, again, no better than Jerry Sandusky.