Last Days: The Week in Review

Video Killed the Police Officer's Bullshit Excuse for Executing a Black Man


Justice was served to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Blow up in Hell, shitbag.

Kudos to the heroic Feidin Santana for exposing a total shitwipe police officer's flagrantly lame excuse for killing an innocent black man--and all because Michael Slager "felt threatened". Good, morally decent law enforcement officers nationwide must be cringing at the frequency of this atrocious abuse of authority! Slager doesn't deserve that badge.

Hillary NOW! Oust all the shameless GOP slime in Congress, House, Senate, and 5 Pigs in Robes in the Supreme Court! Overturn "Citizens United".
Really? Hillary? Well I guess it is no surprise that the Stranger staff are unapologetic Corporate Democrats. Jill Stein 2016 has my vote, a MUCH better woman for office.

The Hillary logo looks a lot like a European road sign that means, Hospital, turn right.

The subtexts:

1. Remember 1993, when it was Hillary who first proposed "Obama"-care to Congress and took the bullets.

2. We're going all the way this time, to single provider, national health. Euro-style.

3. Why right? Because she's going to integrate it into the mainstream, away from just fringe leftism.

(Obviously point 3 needs some work.)

Did anyone else howl in amusement at the complete inaccuracy of this quote by the Botox doctor's people? "It was impossible to walk out of his office without a smile on your face, feeling rejuvenated inside and out."

Facial paralysis is a bit of a hindrance to expression.
First female leader of the Free World? Not that I am a fan, but Margaret Thatcher and her family might take exception to that characterization.
@5: I thought the same thing, but then I realised that "Leader of the Free World" is only ever used to describe American Presidents, not any actual other leaders of the other parts of the world that are just as free. It's probably a Fox News thing.
@5 It's been a while since Britain ruled the waves. "Leader of the Free World" these days is a sobriquet reserved for the U.S. President.

As for Hillary, I'll be looking for anyone else viable to vote for in the primary. IMHO Hillary has too much baggage for the Great Right Wing Conspiracy to shoot at. But, if she wins the nomination, she'll have my steadfast support. Better a corporate Dem than any flavor of Republican.
Elizabeth Warren for President.
Kimmy Scmidt is not a credible explanation - it's so awful I couldn't even watch long enough to get to the Martin Short character. I suspect something else like, I don't know, the soul-numbing effects of a life spent enabling denial and narcissism?
It was impossible to walk out of his office without a smile on your face,

It was literally impossible.
The staff of The Stranger needs to looks at the issues involved and the track record of the political candidates before deciding to back them. Voting for Hillary just because she is a woman is the worst excuse possible to vote. I will vote for the person who is A) 420 friendly B) sympathetic to the rights of women and C) Someone who has not been caught being a lying cheating hypocrite like Hillary Clinton.
@2 Godzilla1916: Who is Jill Stein? I didn't know she was running for the U.S. Presidency in 2016. I don't know anything about her. Care to elaborate further on Stein's positions?
@8 yelahneb: Is Elizabeth Warren even running for 2016? If so, I would vote for her instead. Last time I read, though, (in The New Yorker magazine) Warren was shaking her head firmly, saying no. Jeezus---I know I'd sure hate dealing with rich, corrupt, fat & ugly male chauvinist Republican pigs in Washington D.C. on a daily basis!
Everyone everywhere needs to take out their camera phone and record the police when they are "protecting and serving". This simple act may save a life or at the very least, bring justice for a life wrongly taken.
Why must we have dynastic candidates such as Hillary, Jeb and Rand? We need someone like Elizabeth Warren who made it on her own.
We need Ms. Warren in the Congress where she can help to control what laws are passed and why. The Executive Branch has power, but it isn't legislative power. Ms. Warren needs to stay right where she is, for the benefit of the whole nation. Thank God she recognizes that fact as well.
@15 Trebor and @16 Buxtehude: Agreed on Elizabeth Warren. We need more people like her.
Too bad she doesn't have an identical twin sister who would run for U.S. President in 2016.